Hill House

Hill House sits proudly on the brow of a small hill in Las Campanas looking towards the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The house has had two owners. The house is a series of boxes that are separated from each other by large floor to ceiling glass areas to increase the sense of enclosure and at the same time integration into the landscape. The exterior spaces are arranged on multiple sides to allow their use during different of day and season. The large walled in garden follows the same rule of planar elements separated by voids.  Photos are of the second owners interior who have a collection of color field paintings that transform as you move through the house due to the balance of light and clerestory windows that heighten the drama in these paintings.


Hoopes + Associates Architects | Craig Hoopes

Interiors:                     C. Scherer Byrd Interiors

General Contractor:   Prull Custom Builders